Thursday, August 26, 2010

next theme for swaps.................BUTTONS

ok the theme for the next round of swaps is on the embellies and atc cards use buttons somewhere....obviously the theme doesnt apply to the stamped images or shipping tags(these, you just stamp images on card and shipping tags).......ok i will leave sign up open til monday the 6th september......if there are more than 10 in any of the swaps we will go round robin style so you dont have to make too many......and these will need to be received by me by the END of SEPTEMBER(email me the addy is at the top of the screen if you need my address) and please include a 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope so i can post back to you(please note.. please use a large envelope if you are in all 4 swaps) because all the items dont fit in a small envelope....thanks and have are the details

EMBELLIES please stick to the theme for these and make them smallish(for postage reasons)

ATC's cards....these are little 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards that you embellish as per the theme....

STAMPED IMAGES.... stamp images on 6x4 inch pieces of card just as many as you can fit(i choose this size cos its easy to post

SHIPPING TAGS.....just stamp an image(large images work best) onto shipping tags(you can make them if you dont have any)

for all the swaps you make 1 for each person in the group.

leave a comment or email me with your name and which swaps you are joining


1. Amanda Taylor(all 4 swaps)
2. Lisa Lee (all 4)
3. Chris M (all 4 swaps)
4. Chris W (atc's embellies and stamped images)
5. LisaL79 (atc's embellies and shipping tags)
6. Mel (embellies, stamped images and shipping tags)
7. Jacqui (all 4 swaps)
8. Bindi (embellies only)
9. Kerri S (atc's and embellies)
10. Ruth (atc's only)

ps.... the kraft swaps are nearly ready to send, just waiting on a couple of them


  1. sign me up for all 4

  2. Amanada, I'm working on my Kraft ATC's this weekend, will have them posted Tuesday, you should get mine by the end of next week. Everything else is finished :)

  3. Me for 3 (atc, embellie and shipping tags please

  4. Hi Amanda could you please put me down to do all 4 thanks :)

  5. Hey Amanda
    will do ATC's and embellies this month!

  6. Thanks girls,
    received my lovely "KRAFT" scrap bits today and they are all lovely!
    Great work! x