Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Next Theme is Garden

ok because im only waiting on a couple of the heart swaps i thought we could get the next theme going.....its you can do anything to do with the garden, trees, flowers, birds, fences, anything really thats in your garden

we have 3 swaps now, you can do 1,2 or all 3 swaps, just state next to your name which you are doing, we have our usual embellishment and atc swaps and this month we are going to include a stamped image swap(this swap has no theme, just stamp as many images as you can fit on a 6inx4in piece of card.), i thought this size would be good for postage reasons.......please remember to include a self addressed 1.20 postage envelope so i can send them back to you.....SIGN UP closes on the 12th July,. and you will have til the end of the month to get them to me

put name down if you are interested

1. Amanda(all 3 swaps)
2. Mel (all 3 swaps)
3. Jan (embellies and stamped images)
4. LisaL (atcs and embellies)
5. Chris M (all 3 swaps)
6. Jacqui Miles(all 3 swaps)
7. Shazza (all 3 swaps)
8. Chris W (embellies and stamped images)

im only waiting on Mel's,Jan's and Karina's heart embellies and atcs, then i will send them back

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A pic of whats been received so far(heart theme)

here is a pic of the heart atc and embellies so far received(must be my fave theme so far)...lovin what we are going to get back
so far i have

These are due to me by the END of the month which is on Wednesday....let me know whether you are having problems keeping to the deadline,

and PLEASE NOTE that postage stamps have gone up 5c as of today, so you now need to include a 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope

the next theme will go up on wednesday

Thursday, June 17, 2010

the HEART embellies are starting to come to me

i received chloe's embellies and jacqui's atcs and embellies today. they are sooo cute, you guys are going to love what you get this month

so far recieved
(ps..i will take a piccie of these and post up so you know whats coming)

IMPORTANT NOTICE as of 28th june stamps are going up to 60c..... so that will make postage $1.20 from 28th june

and the ANIMAL embellies and atc's have been held up due to LisaL having her baby prem and she almost lost her life.... so please be patient ladies..... i have everything except lisa's atc's which are in transit and i will post back as soon as i get them... those of you who didnt do the atc's and want yours now, i can post them to you(i was waiting to send them all together so we receive them about the same time)....let me know if you want your posted now. thanks for understanding

oh and i was thinking of adding a third swap for next month.... on top of embellies and atc's i was thinking of us doing stamped images as well


Friday, June 11, 2010

HEARTS swap is closed.... here are the final numbers

ok the hearts swap is now closed............the number you have to make is 11 Embellies and 8 atc's.... please have these to me by the end of june please... email me if you need my address(email addy is at top of side bar), and let me know if you are having problems sticking with the time frame(communication is the key to a successful swap)...... remember to include a $1.10 stamped self addressed envelope so i can post them back to you once i receive them all.... thanks, and have fun

Thursday, June 10, 2010

LAST sign up for the HEARTS theme swap

dont forget today is the last day to sign up for this next swap which the theme is HEARTS...... post a comment if you want your name added to the list, final numbers will be posted tomorrow

please state whether you want to do the embellishment swap, atc swap or both please

email me if you need my address. post all to me before the end of the month, and once i have received them all, i divvy them up and you get 1 of everyones back...and dont forget to include a 1.10 stamped self address envelope, so i can send them back to you

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Updated sign up list for the HEARTS theme

okies here is an updated list for the HEARTS theme atcs and embellies...please include whether you are doing atc's,embellies or both next to your name....sign up will close on the 12th June, and please have these to me by the END of the month me if you need my address............include a stamped self addressed envelope so i can get them back to you. you are required to make 1 for everyone in the group, final numbers will be stated at the end of sign up...and have fun

1. Amanda(atc's and embellies)
2. Chloe(embellies only)
3. Jacqui Miles(atc's and embellies)
4. Chris M (atc's and embellies)
5. Chris W (atc's and embellies)
6. Rhonda (embelies only)
7. Shazza (atc's and embellies)
8. Melissa (atc's and embellies)
9. Jan (embellies only)
10. Karina (atc's and embellies)
11. Lisa L (atc's and embellies)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a pic of the animal atcs and embellies

here is a photo of the animal atcs and embellies.....(bear in mind im still awaiting lisal's atcs)...thought you might like to see what eveyone made

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Next Theme for the atc's and embellishments

ok, for the animal theme, im just waiting on lisal's atc's(she just had her baby so has been a little preoccupied) these are coming the next theme for atc's and embellies is....HEARTS....
put your name down on the list if you would like to join in(please state next to your name if you are doing atc's,embellies or both please)...sign up will close on the 12th june, and you will need to please have these to me by the END of the month

1. Amanda (atc's and embellies)
2. Chloe (embellies only)...(so glad you are joining in chloe)
3. Jacqui Miles (ATCs and embellies)
4. Chris W (atc's and embellies)
5. Rhonda (embellies only)
6. Chris M (atc's and embellies)

and dont forget you make 1 for each in the group(final numbers will be stated at end of sign up), and include a stamped self addressed envelope for me to send back to you
Email me if you need my address