Thursday, June 3, 2010

Updated sign up list for the HEARTS theme

okies here is an updated list for the HEARTS theme atcs and embellies...please include whether you are doing atc's,embellies or both next to your name....sign up will close on the 12th June, and please have these to me by the END of the month me if you need my address............include a stamped self addressed envelope so i can get them back to you. you are required to make 1 for everyone in the group, final numbers will be stated at the end of sign up...and have fun

1. Amanda(atc's and embellies)
2. Chloe(embellies only)
3. Jacqui Miles(atc's and embellies)
4. Chris M (atc's and embellies)
5. Chris W (atc's and embellies)
6. Rhonda (embelies only)
7. Shazza (atc's and embellies)
8. Melissa (atc's and embellies)
9. Jan (embellies only)
10. Karina (atc's and embellies)
11. Lisa L (atc's and embellies)


  1. 8. Melissa (atc's and embellies)
    9. Jan (embellies only)

  2. karina asked me to add her for both atc and embellies please