Thursday, September 2, 2010

KRAFT swaps have been posted back....last days for BUTTONS sign up

i have posted back the KRAFT swaps to you all, you all are going to be very impressed with would love to see some creations using the swaps. feel free to email me some of your creations using any of the items from the swaps. i will give a random RAK to one person each month that emails me a creation......

LAST DAYS for the BUTTONS theme sign up...on monday i will post up the final numbers, and please dont forget to have them to me by the END of SEPTEMBER(email me if you are having problems keeping to the time frame) me or comment with your name and which swaps you are joining, .....see the post below for details on each swap....... thanks

1. Amanda Taylor (all 4 swaps)
2. Lisa Lee (all 4 swaps)
3. Chris M (all 4 swaps)
4. Chris W (atc's, embellies and stamped images)
5. Lisal79 (atc's, embellies and shipping tags)
6. Mel (embellies, stamped images and shipping tags)
7. Jacqui (all 4 swaps)
8. Bindi (embellies only)
9. Kerri S (atc's and embellies)
10. Ruth (atc's only)

please note, if we have more than 10 in any of the swaps as final number, it will convert to round robin style where you only make 10 no matter how many join, that way you dont have to make too make 10 and receive your own plus 9 back.......that only applies to swaps with more than 10....and only for atc's and embellishments, because these 2 can be time consuming if we have to make too many of them

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