Sunday, September 5, 2010

BUTTONS theme swap is now are final numbers

ok sign up is closed for the BUTTONS theme swap. here are the final number of how many to make..... please endeavour to have them to me by the END of SEPTEMBER please(email me if you are having problems keeping to the time frame)..............for each swap you are in you make 1 for everyone in the group....please include a 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope(and if you are in a few of the swap please use a large envelope, cos they dont fit in the smaller envelopes.... thanks and have fun

ATC's ...8
Stamped Images....6
Shipping Tags......6

ATCs....these are little cards measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches....please decorate these using buttons somewhere on them

Embellishments.....please make these smallish, not too big please, and use button/s somewhere on them

Stamped Images....stamp images on 6x4 inch size card....(PLEASE make sure you use card this size) for postage reasons, some of you have used larger size cards and i cant fit them in small envelopes that some of you give

Shipping Tags..... stamp and image onto shipping tags(if you cant get shipping tags, you can make them)

Please, could you put your name on the back of your items so everyone knows who made them, thanks
have fun, i cant wait to see what you all make....... the KRAFT swaps were posted back on friday

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