Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the GARDEN swaps have been posted back

the Garden theme swaps have been posted back today, sign up for the KRAFT swap closes sunday, monday the 9th is when final numbers will be posted up, so if you want to do this swap please place a comment with your name and which swaps you would like to do, refer to the previous post for details......

1. Amanda (all 4 swaps)
2. Chris M (all 4 swaps)
3. Jacqui (all 4 swaps)
4. Lisa Lee (all 4 swaps)
5. Lisa L 79 (atc's embellies and shipping tags)
6. Chris W (all 4 swaps)
7. Shazza (all 4 swaps)
8. Mel (all 4 swaps)
9. Jan (embellies and stamped images)
10. Kerri S (all 4 swaps)
11. Ruth (atc's only)
12. Peta (atc, embellies and shipping tags)
13. Bindi Johns (all 4 swaps)

please note.....if you are doing all 4 please make your stamped self addressed envelope, a bigger envelope because all the items are struggling to fit in the smaller envelopes. thanks......

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  1. Hi amanda! I'll have to give this one a miss sorry :-( bit too committed this month! Looking forward to the garden goodies :-)