Sunday, August 8, 2010

Final numbers for August swap(kraft)

ok, here are the final numbers for the kraft swap.......a couple of the swaps have gone to round robin style, where you only make 10 and you will get your own plus a random 9 back...due to the large number(more than 10 doing them).....that way we dont have to make a mountain of them...some people think 10 is their limit) here are the numbers

Embellies 10 (round robin style)
Atc's 10 (round robin style)
Stamped Images 10
Shipping Tags 11 (i thought with the shipping tags, since we are only stamping on the tags, we will stick with the 11 because they arent time consuming to make)


Embellishments.....use Kraft to make these(kraft is a cardboard coloured cardstock, if you dont have it use a similar colour or even cardboard would be ok)...try and keep the size smallish due to postal reasons)

ATCs....again use kraft...these are little cards measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches(size is very important).....and try and make them double cardstock thickness so they arent too flimsy

Stamped Images.... stamp images on 6x4 inch size of kraft card...try and keep the size of the card that size because you dont know what size envelope the others are sending for return post

Shipping Tags.... stamp an image(larger images work best)on to shipping tags(if you cant get them, you can make them)

for all the swaps you are in, you make 1 per person in the to me by the END of AUGUST (email me if you are having trouble keeping the deadline)....remember to include a 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope for me to return them to you....
NOTE...if you are in all 4 swaps, please use a large envelope, because that many items dont fit in the smaller envelopes.....

thanks and have fun.....any questions, and dont hesitate to ask away


  1. Thanks ladies for such beautiful Garden swaps!

  2. I'm struggling this month to get mine done :(

    Blast!! I made my shipping tags all pretty...I didnt read the bit about just stamping on them!!!

    Better get on to the ATC's this week...what to do! what to do!!!

  3. hey Amanda :) you should be reciving mine hopefully you will get them tomorrow forgot to let you know that with the embellies i made the butterflies and i made2 each for everyone one in silver rhinestones and one lot has blue.

  4. hey Amanda,
    with your blog post ,when your creating your post look at the top of the tool box one tab says compose ,one says edit html...make sure the compose tab is in use ,,,
    hope this helps xxx

  5. Mine are done and mailed. If you want to see I posted on my blog.