Tuesday, May 17, 2011

JUNE swap NOW OPEN the theme is.......

ok i've decided to open the JUNE sign up........ the theme this month as suggested by Sam young is BLACK with a splash, so make anything using black and 1 other colour of your choice......Sam i will post you out a RAK for your theme being chosen....... and PLEASE keep the theme suggestions coming, you never know when i will choose yours.....

please have these to me by the END of JUNE if you are having diffuclties keeping to the timeframe please contact me to let me know....... if i dont receive them by the first week of the following month without you contacting me i will post what i do have and yours will be returned to you if they are in transit at the time, i hope you all understand.........

include at least 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope for return post, and PLEASE if you are in more than 2 swaps use a LARGE envelope.......

final numbers will be posted up on wednesday the 1st of june....

comment or email with your name and which swaps you would like to be included in.....you can choose from ATC's, embellies, handmade flowers, stamped images, shipping tags or all 5........

1. Amanda(all 5)
2. Sam Young(flowers, stamped images)
3. Chris M(all 5)
4. Lisa L79(atc's embellies, tags)
5. Linda J (atc's)
6. Melinda (embellies, flowers)
7. Sharyn (flowers, embellies)
8. Ruth (atc's)
9. Becci (flowers and embellies)
10. Dale (flowers, stamped images, tags)
11. Kama (atc's)
12. Barbara (atc's)
13. Jacqui (atcs, flowers, tags)

if any of the 1st 8 have changed the swaps you want to be in just let me know and i will adjust the list.....thanks

Ps.... PLEASE could you keep coming up with some THEMES for me.... if i choose yours i will give you a RAK. thanks heaps


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Pls sign me up for flowers, stamped images and tags.

  2. Hi Amanda could you please put me down for ATC's, tags and flowers thanks Jacqui :

  3. Hi Amanda, being in the first 8 I am happy with the ATC's swap...thanks for including me.