Friday, May 13, 2011

IMPORTANT........PLEASE READ so sorry for the delay with APRIL still wating on 1 lot, but they are getting posted back monday no matter what.................ive contacted the girl in question and havent heard anything from her so im pulling her out

FROM NOW ON....... dead line is always the END of the MONTH......if you are having problems please contact me to let me know.....if i havent received them or heard from you by the end of the first week of the following month, they will get posted back, and if you have them in transit at that time they will get returned to you when i receive them........

am i being too harsh


  1. No dear, you are not being too harsh! Please feel free to keep my left overs. I'm going to be a bit late with these ones. I forgot to write the numbers down then blogger went down and starting first week back, I only have a couple more to make but i won't be able to do that till next week so i don't think they'll get to you until june.


  2. thats cool lisa.....this message is for the ones that are late and dont let me know..... if im contacted then its all good.....thanks for letting me know