Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i'm receiving some gorgeous items for the GARDEN swap...

the stuff we are going to get back from this swap is amazing, such gorgeous stuff, once i receive a few more i will post up a pic.....
so far i have received

Chris W's

on Monday the 26th i will post up the next theme(although the next one isnt really a theme)to get sign up me if you want to know now what it is

Oh and one other month i was thinking of adding a 'shipping tag' swap, where you buy or make shipping tags(they are 5cents from the newsagents or you could make them out of cardstock or manilla folders) just stamp and ink them. bigger stamps work better than smaller ones, you would make 1 for everyone in the group and you get 1 of everyones back......let me know your thoughts


  1. You pinching my idea Miss Amanda! LOL!

  2. am i allowed to be a stealer....some of the ladies here might also like to do your swap too

  3. No probs Amanda!
    It's all about sharing and
    jhaving fun! x

  4. Gosh my newsagaent charges 1.50 for 4 so can you get me some Amanda

  5. yep chris, i sure can............anyone else that wants to do the shipping tag swap, but cant get them......let me know, and i will help out

  6. Hi amanda!

    Love the idea of the shipping tag!

  7. Thanks shazza for the plug on your blog....everyone feel free to put a thing on your blog about this site to get more members