Monday, July 5, 2010

HEARTS are posted, and last days for GARDEN sign up

ive posted back the 'HEART' atc and embellies........sign up for the 'GARDEN' theme swap closes monday 12th July.....add your name to the list stipulating which swap you would like to do either ATC, EMBELLIES, STAMPED IMAGES OR ALL 3......the atc and embellie theme is GARDEN you can use anything found in the garden from trees, flowers, fences, birds bugs just about anything really.....the stamped images have no theme, you just stamp as many images as you can fit on a 6in x 4in piece of card make sure you do 1 for each in the group (final numbers will be put up on tuesday 13th july).....also remember to include a 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope so i can get them back to you

ok add your name if interested in the comments section, thanks and hope you are all are having fun with these swaps

1. Amanda(all 3 swaps)
2. Melissa(all 3 swaps)
3. Chris M (all 3 swaps)
4. Jacqui Miles (all 3 swaps)
5. Jan(embellies and stamped images)
6. Lisa L (atc's and embellies)
7. Shazza (all 3 swaps)
8. Chris W (all 3 swaps)
9. Chloe (embellies and stamped images)
10. Karina (atc and embellies)

IMPORTANT has come to my attention that some of us dont want to make a tonne of these swap items, so what i was thinking was........if by chance we get more than 10 members in any swap we will do it round robin style where by you would make 10 items no matter how many joined, but you wouldnt get 1 of everything back, you would get your own plus a random 9 back, that way if 20 sign up you would only have to make does that sound??


  1. Hi Amanda, don't know how I managed to miss the last post, but please put me down for embellies and stamping - thanks :-)

  2. Amanda!
    I'm really enjoying the swaps, and you have had some great themes so far :)

  3. Hi Amanda Can you please put me down for the embelly and ATC. Thanks Karina

  4. Amanda, Just a suggestion, for each of the 3 swaps you should cap it at 10 ladies max. It gets too much if its its more than ten..... I then find I cant cope with large numbers of items to make (with all my other workload)and I dont want to not join in each month...but ten is about my limit :(
    ...pssst..dont hate me for being honest!

  5. Round Robin Style sounds great....good idea Amanda :)

  6. I'm doing atc too now amanda

  7. Round Robin Style sounds great!

  8. Hi Amanda,

    Just wandering if this is all the ladies for the final list, as its now after July 12th :)

    I'm eager to get on and get started :)