Wednesday, June 20, 2012

JULY SWAP now OPEN for sign up......THEME is -- polka dots(and or)stripes

okies thought this was a fun sounding theme.......... easy peasy(in my 6yr olds language lol), polka dots(and or) can choose 1 or the other or both on your swap items.......... same swaps as always(newbies check the tab up top for the list and criteria of each swaps)

please make 1 item for each person in each swap that you are included in

Sign up will stay open until wednesday 4th July, and i will post up final numbers on thursday the 5th july......please have these tome by the end of the month please

comment or email me with your name and which swap/s you are joining in,


1.Amanda (all 5)
2.Chris M (all 5)
3.Lisa L (atc's,embellies, tags and journal spots)
4.Linda (atcs)
5.Ruth (atcs)
6.Melinda (flowers,embellies and journal spots)
7.Jacqui( atcs and flowers)
8.Dale (embellies,flowers, tags and journal spots)
9. Sarah (embellies,flowers, journal spots)


  1. Thanks Amanda. all except ATCs for this one. Ta.

  2. Can i please join in with the embellies, journal spots and flowers?

  3. you sure can Sarah....... email me for my address... its in the contact me tab up the top

  4. running late again!! ugh, where ios the time going?!