Tuesday, March 20, 2012

APRIL swap now OPEN for sign up THEME - BLING

ok i will open the april sign up now.......thought we would have BLING for the theme...... so just include some bling on your items....................the only swaps that have the theme attached is atc's and embellies............... you can use the theme on all items if you wish(i do) but you dont have to.

please make 1 item for each person per swap that you are in...............and include at least 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope for return post, and PLEASE use a LARGE envelope if you are in more than 2 swaps.......im struggling to fit the items in small envelopes.......i know most of you do use the large envelope, and i thank you

please contact by comment or email with your name and which swaps you would like to be in. thanks and i will post up the list of final numbers on MONDAY 2nd APRIL, please have these to me by the END of the MONTH please and please contact me if you are having delays with getting them done.......thanks


1. Amanda (all 5)
2. Chris M (all 5)
3. Lisa L (atcs, embellies, tags)
4. Linda (atcs)
5. Ruth ( atc's)
6. Melinda(flowers, embellies)
7. Jacqui(atcs, flowers)
8. Dale ( embellies, flowers, tags)

if any of the top 7 on the list would like to change which swaps they are in, please contact me and i will adjust it accordingly

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  1. Bling hey. I'll give it a go for the flowers, embellies and tags thanks Amanda. Will repost this on my blog, see if we get some more takers this month.