Monday, November 21, 2011

DECEMBER swap will be a SECRET SANTA.......

ok this is how it will work...................... for december's swap, i thought we would do a secret santa, what you need to do, is add your name to the list by commenting or emailing me..... you will be partnered up with 1 person, email me your address(its in the contact me tab at the top), and i will pass it on to your partner and they will post you a pressie of 6 to 10 handmade stuff..... sound good, i know i love getting pressies at this time of year, so thought this could be a fun change from the usual monthly swaps....................
This will close on Wednesday 30th NOVEMBER and i will partner you up on THURSDAY the 1st DECEMBER, please try and have your pressie posted with in enough time for the recipient to receive it before xmas if possible, thanks

1. Amanda
2. Dale
3. Melinda
4. Ruth
5. Linda
6. Chris M
7. Jacqui


  1. It's so nice to get a surprise for Christmas. When you're the Mum that's not often possible. Thanks for putting my name on the list Amanda.

  2. Hi Amanda, I am in just not sure what we should be "gifting" though suggestions would be good.
    Ruth - Mouseit

  3. hi ruth........ a variety of handmade stuff, anything as long as its handmade..... and preferably not every item to be the same thing, give the recipient a bit of a variety