Monday, September 19, 2011

OCTOBER swap now open for sign up.....theme BABY BOY

as most of you would know by now......there is another baby boy in our house, so i thought a BABY BOY theme is in order....... and we havent had a baby theme final numbers will be posted up on MONDAY the 3rd OCTOBER.....please have these to me by the END of the month... and if you are having trouble keeping with the deadline, please contact me....... if i dont hear from you by the end of the first week of the following month they get posted back regardless....there has to be a cut off point somewhere................

please include at least 1.20 postage on a self addressed envelope for return post................. make 1 item per person for every swap that you are in, and if you are in more than 2 swaps please use a large envelope................

have fun, and comment or email with the swaps you want to be included in

the swaps are....... atc's, embellies, handmade flowers, shipping tags, stamped images......... the atc's and embellies are the only swaps that have to use the theme, the others, you can, but its optional


1. Amanda (all 5)
2. Chris M (all 5)
3. Linda J (atc's)
4. Melinda ( handmade flowers)
5. Ruth (atc's)
6. Jacqui(atc's and flowers)
7. Anna (embellies and flowers)

if any of the top 5 names have changed the swaps they would like to be in, just let me know and i will change it

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    Baby boy would be perfect for me but I think it's a bit much pressure on myself as I'll be on holidays for half of October (o/s). I'll wait and see whatever November's is thanks. Also, scrap lift away.