Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AUGUST swap NOW OPEN for sign up.......theme TRANSPORT

ok the theme for AUGUST is TRANSPORT it was Linda J's suggestion so a Rak will go to Linda... keep the theme suggestions coming please.........if i choose yours you will get a RAK from me, Dale, your rak will be sent shortly........................ you can use any type of transport you wish......

AND PLEASE NOTE.....Sam isnt participating, but she is offering a eye candy magic kit for 1 lucky participant to win, the winner will be randomly drawn by sam herself....... the more swaps you enter the more chances you get to win.......THANKS SAM

either comment or email with your name and the swaps you want to join in........ FINAL NUMBERS will be posted up on wednesday the 3rd august and you have til the end of the month to have them to me, please include a stamped self addressed envelope with at least 1.20 postage for return post....... use a large envelope if you are in more than 2 swaps.............. and please double check youve got the numbers right for the swaps, a few have sent the wrong number items and its confusing for me when it comes time to sort them out

SIGN UP list

1. Amanda (all 5)
2. Chris M (atcs and tags)
3. Lisa L 79 (atc, embellies and tags)
4. Linda J (atc's)
5. Ruth (atc's)
6. Melinda (flowers and embellies)
7. Sharyn (flowers and embellies)
8. Jacqui (atc's and flowers)
9. Dale (flowers, embellies, tags)
10. Becci (stamped images,flowers,embellies, tags)

anyone in the top 8 on the list, please let me know if there is a change to the swaps you are in please........

and please let me know how you are going with july's toy swaps........so far i only have Dale's


  1. A quick ??? on the tags, do they have to be shipping tags? or can I make my own? I'm just not sure my lss has shipping tags that's all.
    I'd love to be in stamped images and embellies. Shipping tags if I have the option to make my own if I can't get any made ones too please

  2. I've made my own Becci and sent them. That makes them unique, right?
    I'd like to be in flowers, embellies and shipping tags please Amanda. Glad you received my envelope full of toys goodies.

  3. its perfectly fine to make your own tags becci.... do you want in for the flowers as well????......becci........ i will add you for images, embellies and tags, let me know if you want in for flowers

  4. Awesome, sure add the flowers, no idea how to do transport for them....oh wait...an idea is forming!

  5. hey becci, glad you got an idea to do a transport theme for the flowers........ but really the only swaps that need o stick to the theme, is....... ATC's and EMBELLIES..... the others can have the theme but its not required

  6. hi amanda, mine are running a tad late again! who knows where this month went!

  7. Thanks for the RAK Amanda, lots of fun bits to play with. xx