Monday, March 21, 2011

APRIL swap now OPEN........

ok i thought we would open the APRIL swap....i thought we would go with BIRTHDAY as the theme.....i did think about easter, but most swaps do easter for the theme, so i thought something different...................and birthdays are important in april for my family...... my oldest son will be 18 on the 4th, my birthday is anzac i thought yep, birthdays....... this theme was an idea from becci, you will get a RAK because i chose your theme................oh, and keep the themes coming, cos you never know which theme i will choose and you get a rak if i choose yours......ok. please get these to me by the END of APRIl...include at least 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope, and if you are in more than 2 swaps, use a LARGE envelope please....and if you are having trouble sticking to the time frame please email me to let me know of any delays....

comment or email me with which swaps you want to be included in as usual there are 5 swaps ATC'S EMBELLIES HANDMADE FLOWERS STAMPED IMAGES STAMPED SHIPPING TAGS please scroll to the bottom of the page for details on each swap i will post final numbers on Monday the 4th april.....

1. Amanda (all 5)

2. Chris M (all 5)

3. Sam Young (atcs)

4. Melinda (flowers and embellies)

5. Lisa L79(atc, embellie, tags )

6. Linda (atcs)

7. Ruth (atc's)

8. Dale ( Tags, embellies, flowers, stamped images)

9. Kama (atcs)

10. Barbara (atcs)

11. Blair (embellies and tags)

12. Lisa Lee (atc's and flowers)

13. Tiffany (flowers and tags)

14. Becci (images, flowers, embellies)

15. Chris W (atcs and embellies)

16. Jacqui (atc's and flowers)

17. Leoni (atc's)

    18. Sam G (all 5)

    the march swaps will get sent back once i recieve them all, these ones are coming in very slowly. have fun, and please feel free to email or comment with any questions


    1. ooh this sounds like fun! I've never swapped with you girls before, but would love to join in if possible. I would swap handmade flowers and stamped shipping tags. Thanks!

      Breakfast at Tiffany's


      Thanks Amanda. x

    3. hi amanda please pop me down for the atcs and the flowers thanks hon xx jacqui

    4. My march ones are done and on their way! Looking forward to starting on these ones!

    5. I would love to participate. Is this Australian? Either way I would love it. I would like to be put down with embellishments and stamped tags

      Blair :}

    6. Blair...yes it is australian..... are you in australia or overseas..... if you are overseas, you will just have to allow the extra time for postage, and put australian postage on your return envelope.......

    7. Ooo yay! How did I miss this???
      I'll be up for the stamkped images, embellies and flowers this time please.
      Getting into my swaps today, will be in the post tomorrow

    8. Hi Amanda count me in for everything :)