Sunday, November 21, 2010

Next Theme CHRISTMAS Sign Up now open

ok i thought for december we could have a christmas theme..............sign up is now open and will close sunday 5th december, and final numbers will be posted up on monday the 6th December, you will have til the end of the month to get them to me if you need my address

we have all the usual swaps, you can be in as few or many as you wish, just stipulate which swaps you want to be included for...... either email or comment with your name and which swaps you are in for...... the swaps are


please note.....only the atc's and embellies have the theme, the others are just stamped images, any stamp on shipping tags, and handmade flowers(can be made out of anything you wish)

EMBELLIES....... please make these quite smallish for postage reasons, and keeping with the theme

ATC'S these are 2.5 x 3.5 inch(the size is very, very important)cards decorated any way you wish and keeing with the theme

STAMPED IMAGES..... stamp as many images as you can fit on a 6x4 inch size card(please keep to this size so they fit in the return envelopes)

SHIPPING TAGS........stamp an image onto a shipping tag, if you dont have them you can make them

HANDMADE FLOWERS.......make these any style and out of any material you wish

please make 1 item per everyone in the swap.....................and include at least 1.20 self addressed envelope for return to you.................and if you are in more than 2 swaps please use LARGE envelopes please, cos they dont fit in small envelopes without squashing them..............

any questions and dont hesitate to contact me and i will be more than happy to help

1. Amanda (all 5 swaps)
2. Jacqui (all 5)
3. Ruth (atc's only)
4. Chris M (all 5)
5. Marie (Mazz)...(atc's and shipping tags)
6. Chris W (atc's)
7. Linda J (atc's)
8. Melinda Johns(handmade flowers, embellies, stamped images)
9. Mel P (handmade Flowers)
10. Samantha(all 5 swaps)

the summer swaps will be posted out as soon as i have them all


  1. Hi Amanda could you please put me down for all 5 thanks jacqui

  2. Hi Amanda, please add me to the ATC's please. Thanks -Ruth

  3. Amanda, I am very sorry to do this at such a late stage but I am unable to complete the summer swap. I have had too much on my plate recently and something has to give.

  4. yep I'm in....ATC's and shipping tags at this stage please...and yep Amanda I will need your addy please :)

  5. Hi Amanda, Just in case LindaJ doesn't get her messages to you sorted can you please add her to the ATC's please?
    Thanks Ruth