Sunday, October 24, 2010

SUMMER theme swap sign up now OPEN

ok its time to get the sign up started for the next swap..............this time the theme is SUMMER (theme only applies to atc's and embellies), we have included HANDMADE FLOWERS to the swaps..... these can be made out of anything, as long as they are handmade.....................sign up will close on monday the 8th November and i will give final numbers of how many to make.... you will have til the END of NOVEMBER to have them to me (email me if you need my addy), for all swaps you are in you make 1 item per person in the group....... thanks and have fun.....

a little info about each swap:

Embellishments....... make these in keeping with the theme, and make them quite smallish for postal reasons.....

ATC's these are little cards measuring 2.5x3.5 inches(size is very important) you just decorate them any way you wish, keeping with the theme

Stamped Images.... just stamp various images onto a 6x4 inches piece of card(please dont stamp on bigger cards, cos they dont fit in the envelopes that some provide)

Shipping Tags..... just stamp an image onto a shipping tag(if you dont have any, you can make them)

Handmade Flowers...... just hand make flowers using anything you wish..........

comment or email me with which swaps you would like to be included in......

1. Amanda (all 5 swaps)
2. Sam (Embellies, Stamped images, handmade flowers)
3. Mel P (Handmade Flowers)
4. Jacqui (atc's, Flowers, Shipping Tags)
5. Chris W (atc's only)
6. Mel O'neill (handmade flowers)
7. LisaL79 (atc's, embellies, shipping tags)
8. Chris M (all 5 swaps)
9. Ruth (atc's only)
10. Linda J (atc's only)

please remember to include at least a 1.20 stamped self addressed envelope so i can return the swaps to you........and if you are in more than 2 swaps, please use a LARGE envelope,

im still waiting on some of the VINTAGE swaps(deadline for these is the end of the week) so please let me know if you are having trouble keeping with the deadline)

thanks and have fun


  1. Thanks Amanda!!!
    dont forget - you promised photos!!!!

  2. Hi Amanda could you please put me down for ATC,flowers and tags thanks :)

  3. hi amanda! my usual 3. The vintage ones are running a bit late... mr mojo has taken a holiday I think!

  4. HI Amanda,
    Please sign me up for the ATC's only please.