Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A pic of all the Orange Embellies

here is a pic of all the orange embellies, minus emilys cos im still waiting to recieve them(i posted these back yesterday, and em's will go to you once i recieve them
ps..thanks lisa for the butterfly you gave me, its gorgeous and i thank you for it


  1. These look great!! Will love to join in sometime :-)

  2. As I said on your blog they are gorgeous, I am sorry I only joined in this month, but the ice-cream stick embellishment is so clever, love it.

  3. well done Ladies! They look great! I am going to go sit by my letter box!

  4. Well done girls, they look great....if I use any one of them on a layout, I will give you ladies the credit :) dont forget to put your name on the back of them.
    I dont have many orange embellies so this color was well suited to add to my collection - thanks Amanda!
    Hey Melissa... the Frosty Fruit was my embellie thanks for the compliment {blush}


  5. The orange embellies are lovely. Shazza the Ice cream is fabulous. I didn't put my name on mine, it was the lollipop flower made from paper with the ladybug. I followed your idea with all the details on the back for the animal swap and ATC. Mine are finished and I'm sending them tomorrow. Hope you like them. Can't wait to see what everyone had made. Cheers

  6. Hi amanda!

    I hope you have received my animal embellies and ATC's, I sent them last week.
    I'm looking forward to all the creations :)
    Cathy - The lady bug had fallen off the flower, I'm not sure which flower it was....(button in centre with three circles or flower with bling dot in centre?)