Monday, April 26, 2010

Only waiting on 1 lot of orange embellies now...and a New theme open for sign up

i received Kerri's just waiting on Emilys, then they will get posted back

but in the mean time, here is the theme for the next swap........... Animals (any animal)...... there is an ATC and Embellie swap this time, just put next to your name which you are in (you can sign up to both)............Sign up will close on the 7th May, and you have til the 20th to send them..oh and ive decided against capping the numbers, we will have however many want to do this... wait til sign up closes on the 7th may for final numbers to make

1.Amanda(ATC and Embellie)
2.ChrisW(ATC and Embellie)
3.Jacqui Miles(ATC and Embellie)
4.Chris Maloney(ATC and Embellie)
5. Cathy C(ATC and Embellies)
6. Shazza(ATC and embellies)
7. Rhonda(Emebllies)
8. Mel (ATC's and Embellies)
9. Jan (Embellies only)
10. Lisa L (atc's and embellies)


  1. 3.Jacqui Miles (ATC and Embellie)

  2. 4.Chris Maloney (ATC and Embellie)

  3. 5. Cathy Cafun (ATC & Embellie)

  4. Hi Amanda do we have a set amout to make or do we have to wait till it closes for final numbers? thanks :)

  5. 8. Melissa embellies only
    9. Jan embellies only

  6. Just asking if you have Emily's 'Orange' swap yet......Do you know if she is still doing this swap?

    I'm not starting the 'animal' ATC and embellie until we get final numbers :) (not toooo many to make, I hope lol)


  7. You should pop some pics up Amanda of the ones recieved give people ideas..Mine will be in post over weekend,almost finished