Thursday, March 25, 2010

April Swap Closed

ok we now have ten for aprils swaps, so its closed now.............get in quick when the next swap sign up opens....... ok could you all make 10 orange embellies and have them to me before the end of april(but the sooner i have them all, then the sooner the next swaps sign up opens)... so just aim to have them to me as quick as you can.............thanks and have fun......dont forget anyone who needs my addy just email me at my email addy at the top of the page..............and dont forget a stamped self addressed envelope(1.10 postage). thanks heaps for all your support here

1. Amanda
2. Shazza
3. Kerri S
4. Rhonda
5. Emily
6. Cathy C
7. Jacqui Miles
8. Melissa
9. Chris Maloney
10. Lisal


  1. That's great Amanda. I will get started on mine this weekend.

  2. Amanda, Finished my embellies over the weekend and have sent them off. Hope you like them.